I’m a Party Animal

Sorry for the decline in pontificating less than a week after I started this blog. I’ve been swamped trying to get everything squared away for SPACE. I had to get ahead in the comics and then I got a bit carried away with various arts and crafts projects for my table.

Despite all this activity, I managed to squeeze in time for some wild and crazy fun. Tonight I watched the entirety of the Democratic Party Unity dinner on C-SPAN2. It was the first time I ever paid attention to a speech by Bill Clinton; because back when he was president, I was willfully unaware of the political process, busy with school, and/or drunk. Oh how I miss the go go nineties.

His speech was about the Republican attack machine and the ridiculousness of tax cuts for the wealthy while running gigantic deficits. Those are basically just your run of the mill Democratic talking points, but he managed to make the speech entertaining. It really emphasized how both political parties are currently devoid of eloquent speakers.

A lot of people were swooning over John Edwards for being the greatest stump speaker since Clinton, but I don’t buy it. Edwards kept repeating his theme of “two Americas” over and over again like it was a ninth grade English paper. Clinton managed to tie everything together with a lot more finesse.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give big ups to the man who was president when I was born, Mr. Jimmy Carter, who laid the smack down on Nader and his dipwad constituents.