For the Folks in Baltimore

Sure you live Baltimore, it sucks. But for just this weekend, it will suck less. Patton Oswalt and Zach Galifianakis will be at Frazier’s. They are not coming to Boston. So for just this weekend, Bawlmer is the better city and I envy you.

If you pick up tickets at Atomic Books, why not pick up a copy of Erotic Scrimshaw while you’re there? And how about a few other random comic books too.

And while you’re on your way to Hampden, stop by 2900 Wyman Pkwy and tell a random guy you’re there to inspect their risk management policy.

One last Baltimore note. John Waters is going to be at the Coolidge Corner Theater, but it costs thirty bucks. If anyone’s seen it, is his one man show worth it? Or should I just rent Pecker?