Fantasy Band Season

I’m about to head out and remembered that I promised to post something funny. I couldn’t really come up with anything, but I did have an old premise lying around that was too similar to Used Wigs’ Free Band Names to use in BFW, but this blog has no such standards.

Brian’s Fantasy Bands

The Bon Mots – Trendy New York Indie Band, ala The Strokes
Fecal Debris – Hardcore Metal
Nature’s Mosquitoes – Jonathan Richman cover band
Vas Defrens Family Band – Kind of like GWAR, but their gimmick is a 70s variety hour theme
Stinky and the Gang – I just like calling people ‘stinky’

One Last Thing About Air America

Marc Maron does their morning show. I guess he’s not well known enough in political wonk circles to be featured in their media blitz. Luckily I’m also a comedy nerd and know that he’s hilarious.

From what I’ve heard of the programming so far, it’s much better than flipping between C-SPAN and NPR all day long. Obviously, it was their first day, and it’ll take a while for each show to nail down the tone and pacing that works best for them.

Sorry for so many posts in a row about this. I’ll try to get something funny up here before I leave for Ohio.