Puns Are Never Funny

I meant to point out this article from Atrios over the weekend, but drawing this week’s comic strip got in the way. He illustrates how the right wing unjoke of calling Massachusetts ‘Taxachusetts’ is not only lame, but inaccurate to boot.

For everyone who’s thinks of Kerry as some kind of pinko from the commie state of Massachusetts, this haven for leftist extremism has had nothing but republican governors since 1990. It should also be noted that Massachusetts based Raytheon has contributed to a significant portion of the collateral damage in Bush’s Freedom™ Crusade.

If that doesn’t convince you, don’t forget that we killed the foreigners Sacco and Vanzetti during the twenties’ equivalent of the War on Terror, the War on Anarchy.

So please America, don’t pick on Massachusetts for being progressive on occasion. Especially when California is a much better target. It’s the headquarters for the Liberal Jew-Run Media, and they treat their elections as nothing but jokes.