Big Fat Zeitgeist

The Google Zeitgeist provides an intriguing sampling of what the public is searching for. Big Fat Whale and this blog are the dumping ground for every search string that begins with “Big Fat…” Here are some from just this month.

big fat turds
big fat ted kennedy
big fat funny
big fat bastards called david
big fat hefty bob
big fat gigantic bastards
big fat happy day
big fat bergers
big fat freaks
big fat black
big fat crotch
big fat ass whores
big fat sexy sex

and the obvious ones:
big fat whale
big fat whale comics
big fat whales
big fat blog

Other trends in the Big Fat Zeitgeist indicate that a lot of people love Lynndie England. They want videos of her, especially the naughty ones. One person was looking for “Lynndie England Poetry.” I’m not sure if it was for poetry written by her, which I’m sure would rival e e cummings, or poetry about how she heroically pointed at genitals in the line of duty.

Months ago, I was surprised by this search string, “how big is a whale poop?” I’m no longer surprised. It shows up every month. I wish I had the answer. The public demands it.

Narcissism Watch: My name is now the second most searched for term that gets people here. “whale cartoon” is the first. It also shows up in two stalker strings, ones that include my name and specific info about me, and one person was looking for “brian mcfadden cock.” I’m touched.

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