This week’s Frontline is going to be all about how the music of the day sucks incredible ass. Yes, I am excited about this. I am a raging nerd. This is a welcome shift in Frontline programming because I don’t think I could handle one more special about the countless failures of the Bush Administration. I’d probably snap and hop on the next plane to Ireland, and start looking for long lost relatives to mooch off of.

“Why Ireland,” you ask? I watched an hour and half of C-SPAN2 this afternoon, and it was randomly featuring coverage of the Irish parliament, or Dail. People from many of their parties were fuming over Bush’s upcoming visit to the Emerald Isle June 25-26, for the US-EU summit.

They’re pissed for the same reasons as most Americans who read the papers: A blatantly fabricated pretext for a pre-emptive war, no post war plan, and the torture. What makes it exceptional is that their political leaders are all mentioning it. And any country that can have a party that openly calls itself the Progressive Democrats without being accused of Trotskyism is fine by me.

But the Micks also brought up another beef with Dubya that I never heard about. They’re pissed the Irish government went along with the Iraq debacle and lets the US military trample all over Shannon Airport on their way to shower Iraqis with love. It may seem pretty inconsequential, but imagine if the Israelis had to stop at O’Hare or JFK on their way to deliver a precision guided baby blaster to the Gaza strip. No way; even if you support the “Destroy the Village to Save It” policies of Sharon, the runway waiting is already long enough.

Irish groups are planning big protests, and they’re so pissed, some are denouncing Bush’s visit in Latin. I hope it goes well and makes more Americans realize how much the entire world hates our shitty president.

Just don’t let Bono show up. That guy is a douche.