Dream Job

Thanks to the invaluable Daily Gusto, I read something fun today. In my Relapse of the Hack Comic Slayer post last week, I mentioned Demetri Martin as someone who uses a guitar and is funny.

It turns out that he’s been writing a diary for Slate all week long. It’s very entertaining and well worth the read.

I figured this out earlier in the week when he was in a sketch about sketches on Conan, but for people who didn’t see it or can’t recognize people through stage beards, he’s a sketch writer for Late Night. He also proves what I’ve suspected for years; the sketches and the monologues are written by two entirely different staffs. That is comforting to know.

Sadly, he didn’t include a step by step guide on how to go from writing an unknown comic strip and begging for your paycheck every month to writing the jokes for the teevee and actually getting paid for it in a timely manner.