Gay Marriage Amendment And The Ban on Funny

I watched some of the senate debate even after everyone knew the Republicans would be short on votes. Virginia’s John Warner was babbling for a while about the pledge of allegiance and then went on to claim states could do whatever they wanted even if the thing passed. Pretty stupid stuff.

Know what else is stupid? Calling it the Hate amendment. Sure it’s a bigoted and mean-spirited attempt to marginalize homosexuals, but giving it a snarky name is almost just as dumb. Giving bills heavy handed nicknames should be reserved for the assholes who came up with the phrases “Death Tax” and “Partial Birth Abortions.”

We’ve all noticed an increase in stridency from the left. And rightly so, Bush is a fantastic asshole who deserves to suck on the shitstained phallus of Satan for all eternity. But stridency without humor is why self-righteous douchebags on both the left and right die alone.

Trying to make a political point with crappy humor is almost just as off-putting. Whoopi Goldberg made innuendo jokes about Bush’s name at some Kerry benefit. The Republicans are demanding an apology, but Whoopi should really be apologizing to the abstract concept of comedy as a whole for being such a hack.

I know I’m guilty of it too, especially here in the blog where anything remotely funny gets cut for future use in a comic or other pet projects. But if I ever get to the point where an entire month goes by with me just illustrating my political opinions and not presenting them in a humorous way, please shoot me in the face and then take a shit in my new face hole.

This rambling post is due in part to the liberal burnout mentioned in last week’s Onion and the fact that I can no longer listen to the Majority Report while working on cartoons. Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder are both comics, I don’t see why they can’t express their outrage with jokes instead of yelling. Al Franken and Marc Maron have both managed to make points without becoming shrill, and the Daily Show has been doing it for years. Even Fatty Boombalatty manages to squeeze in a few racist song parodies in between tirades. Now I have to get up off my ass and change the CD every hour like I’m some kind of athlete.