Underground Tape Railroad

I’m pretty out of touch when it comes to underground videos. If it wasn’t posted to Rotten or brought to some party by a pothead friend of a friend, I haven’t seen it. I was ecstatic when Christian Finnegan (from the teevee) mentioned this site that has clips from a lot of hilarious videos. Sadly, they’re just short clips and not really worth the bother.

However, here’s the entire Winnebago Man. It is worth the download time even if you exist in 1985 and are using a 300 baud modem on your Commodore 64.

Oh No! I just did a search and it appears Baltimore Cable Access’ own Christian Ferriswheel no longer has a website. I was going to send you all to his page in the hopes that you would think I was cool. Underdog Lady will have to do.