I’m in the process of kicking a twenty year caffeine habit. I was downing a twelve pack of soda on inking days and had to quit. I’m writing this in the hopes that it will distract me from the withdrawal headache that’s taking over my soul. Booze however, is something I will quit only after finding a dead hooker in the bed. That analogy doesn’t really work since, believe it or not, I can go months without beer and I was practically brushing my teeth with a toothbrush dipped in cola.

I really apologize for the lack of posts that are more than just brief missives or the weekly comic commentaries. I assure you that a deluge of self-important navel gazing posts will pour onto this page in a couple of weeks.

With most of the decent funny stuff I’ve come up with being saved for my vaudeville act, McFadden and the Grizzly Bear, all that’s left to talk about is politics. And no sane person would want my opinions on the Republican National Convention. Anyone with a pulse knows that I’m a partisan Democrat and really have nothing to add to the conversation besides the obvious.

The obvious being that they’re lying and the media is not doing its job in calling them on it, Daily Show excepted.

Also, I guarantee that the ban on caffeine does not mean that I have become a Latter Day Saint. My underpants remain completely unsacred. And finally, I’m only sharing the whole thing because there needed to be another post. Please don’t interpret this as a call to send me your own personal stories of triumph over junk food addiction.