15 Cent Book Bin

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This is the sixth BFW Book Bin comic, making it the longest running recurring bit in the comic’s history, if it wasn’t already. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you, but I was in a rush, and making up nonsense titles is something I can do in my sleep. I might be tooting my own flute, but I think most of 2004’s half-assed BFW cartoons are infinitely better than my most sincere and thought out efforts from the first two years.

I’m not going to dissect any of the dumb titles. I realize some may be confused by the lack of a punchline, but I find corny titles and bad poetry to be incredibly hilarious on their own. It’s a subjective thing, you either like it or you don’t, so I’m not going to try to defend the humor in “Planet of the Giant Sexpots,” “Hurricane of Rage, Tempest of Regret,” or “Police Chase on Danger Mountain.” If it doesn’t float your boat, keep it to yourself, no amount of mean-spirited email is going to change my mind.

I have nothing to say about the collection of letters to the editor and whorehouse phrases. They were jokes I wrote and I take full responsibility for them. However, I think we should shift the focus from lame jokes I’ve written in the past (last week) to the one awesome joke I could potentially write at some point in the future (ca. March 23rd, 2007).

I already made fun of Connecticut a few months ago, but I just pulled its name out of the blue. I would’ve gone with any other state if new I’d be using Connecticut again for this parody of Thomas Franks’ What’s the Matter With Kansas: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America. It details how the right has convinced much of the red states to vote against their financial interests solely by advocating culture war issues, which have no real hope of being won. I haven’t read it, but he’s done enough press for it that I am confident that I got the gist of it. Of course the baseball analogy doesn’t hold much water, it is just a joke. Connecticut’s baseball loyalties are split between Mets/Yankees/Red Sox because Boston is far away, New York is close. Any similarity to Steinbrenner’s go it alone, stay the course, no matter what the cost approach to the Republican party is purely coincidental.

If you haven’t seen the Falling Grape Lady yet, just Google the phrase. You will not be disappointed. I know there’s no ratings system, but I’m sure Star Wars Kid is the most widely circulated video, BFW is not in the business of presenting accurate facts, just like the media.

Have you heard about the Swift Boat Vets? Well this take on them is nowhere near being over a month old. Nope. Not at all. I am very timely when it comes to presenting the hot political topics of the day.

This may be shocking, but I occasionally read books, but made a point not to read any of the political tomes that came out in this election year. Books I recently read and recommend are: McSweeney’s, “Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans” and the collaborative effort by Strangers with Candy crew, “Wigfield.” Both are funnier than reading something that confirms your political beliefs, which isn’t funny at all, unless you believe evolution is a lie. I’d love to read the book that advocates that, especially if it has pictures of dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.