Good News For People Who Love Flogging

Just a note that Flogging Molly’s newest CD comes out tomorrow. You can sample the first three tracks on their website. One song is a kickass sea chantey about pirates! If you need any more convincing, then you sir or madam, are a wet blanket, not even fit to be distributed to indigenous peoples by Jeffrey Amherst.

Update: Rather than make another tiny post, I’m just updating this one. Both bits of information are related in that they both pertain to things that are encoded on discs.

I recently read that there are two xmas special episodes of The Office. They supposedly take place after the end of the second series and catch up with everyone at Wernham-Hogg, and Brent’s life post-redundancy as a minor reality celebrity.

I don’t have BBC America and want to know where and how I can get these episodes. The interweb is littered with many awful shows, but I can’t find these two. I’ll be willing to trade episodes of Yes, Dear and Still Standing, which my VCR accidentally recorded instead of The Dead Zone, one of my guilty TV pleasures.

One last thing about compact discs. Am I so retarded that I don’t know how to remove many CDs and DVDs from their cases without nearly snapping them in half?

I will briefly bore you with “street smarts I learned in a classroom that happened to also be located on a street, so it technically counts as street smarts even though it would be more appropriate to call them book smarts.”

I believe the plastics industry has gotten lax when it comes to tolerances. If I owned a pair of calipers, I could prove many of the DVDs I bought recently have cases designed for a press fit with the standard disc diameter, when a snap fit is what they should be using. I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Prince Dweebish, you to need to make fun of fatties, enough with the witchcraft of engineering.” Or, if you are a nerd, “Perhaps thermal expansion has something to do with it.” First, fatties are still gross. Second, sorry nerds, plastics don’t react like metals when exposed to heat.

I wrestled with whether or not I should post this rambling update. But since I’m shirking my responsibility to provide you with a cartoon this week, I owe you something.

It never ends. I ask, and somehow I received. The invaluable Thigh Master posted info on the 2hour The Office special.