Bias In The Media

I’ll spare you a post about Baltimore’s own baby Murdoch. Sinclair Broadcasting’s decision to run an anti-Kerry documentary right before the election is pretty crappy, especially considering they refused to run Nightline’s nonpartisan reading of the fallen last spring. Many more qualified and informed folks are already on it, and I have nothing to add.

I’ve always had a bigger problem with the media than I do with Republicans. Republicans are what they are, but the media used to report things and had some sort of responsibility in the democratic process, once upon a time. Now they are nothing but democracy’s Fredo. I’m ignoring the media’s role in starting the Spanish-American war because it suits me.

The bias I wanted to bitch about is of a less important, but equally sinister variety; the Yankee hackery of Tim McCarver. Last year’s ALCS loss sucked enough, but his constant stroking of Yankee egos made it unbearable. Starting tonight, it’s going to be more of the same, plus a constant loop of Grady and Boone’s greatest hits.

There’s no radio near my TV that can pick up WEEI’s broadcast to listen to over a muted set, so I’m stuck with McCarver and whoever else gets put in the booth. And it better not be Brett Boone, I’d rather have Crazy Carl in there ranting about dinosaurs. I don’t mind Joe Buck only because he reminds me of Midnight Cowboy. And when an image of TV’s Joe Buck getting an enema from his granny pops into my head, it makes me giggle.

I know Fox Sports has it in them to do right by both teams. For the last regular season game they covered, they put the Red Sox’ regular broadcaster, Jerry Remy, and an Orioles guy in the booth to call the game. I thought it worked out well, since the people calling the game actually had some familiarity with what went on during the season.

I don’t know if there’s some financial or legal reason for company guys usually calling nationally televised baseball games, but it stinks. I think this series would be better suited with the regular Yankee and Red Sox commentators. Barring that, Lenny Clarke should get a few guest spots in the booth. He did that in the regular season and it was hilarious.

I won’t mention baseball again until the damage has been done. If you’re not already, you should be reading Red Sox blog-comic hybrid The Soxaholix. It’s always very good, but has become a must read during the playoffs.

Public Service Update: Several people have come across Big Fat Whale pages searching for “Flogging Molly Red Sox Song.” You won’t find anything about that. It’s the Dropkick Murphys who put out a Red Sox song this year, Tessie, about the old timey massholes who harassed Honus Wagner and the Pirates during the first World Series. It’s a very good song, and you should get it immediately, before the Red Sox’ hopes are completely dashed.