The Mediocre Screenplays of Cyril DuFarge

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This is the second installment of a bit I was never very fond of. Several people said they liked the first screenplay comic, and that was good enough for me to revisit it over a year later. The only difference between this and the first is that I attributed the screenplays to an imaginary character instead of myself, and used a font to write the titles instead of drawing them.

I was pressed for time and I can come up with bits like this in my sleep. The added benefit of not having to waste a day transforming my handwriting into something legible made doing this a no-brainer.

The jokes are obvious and really don’t deserve a lengthy explanation. I originally intended to do a parody of countless high school football movies that focussed on a math team instead, but it was too involved and the jokes required so much setup that nine panels wasn’t enough to make it work.