’46, ’67, and ’04*

I said in this forum thread that I’d make an entry about the Red Sox miraculous ALCS win Wednesday night. I don’t really have anything to add that I didn’t say there or what was said somewhere else. I assume most of the people reading this don’t follow baseball or the Red Sox in particular, so I’ll keep it brief.

I had written this team off after they went down 0-3 to the Yankees. I thought last year’s defeat stiffened my resolve and would make a sweep completely tolerable. But the way they lost Saturday night, 19-8, a score missing only the number one, made the inevitable Yankee clinching game 4 unwatchable.

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch, but like a mouth sore that you can’t help sticking your tongue in, I kept flipping back. Then all of a sudden, the breaks started going the Sox’ way until the 2004 Yankees were reduced to an embarrassing footnote that will be mentioned every time a team goes down 0-3 in a best of 7 series.

I wasted much of this afternoon getting intimately acquainted with my phone’s redial button as I fruitlessly tried to snag one of the few tickets that went on sale today. They sold out every regular season home game, so the chance of getting tickets to the most important series played there in 18 years was pretty slim.

The only good thing about not getting tickets to one of the games is that means I won’t have to be around Fenway when they win. Stuck in the middle of thirty million colleges, Kenmore square turned into a drunken, ugly, pasty white people version of Mardi Gras last night, with one fan getting killed by some sort of “less lethal” weapon.

Drunken morons felt the urge to climb things, like traffic lights, buildings, and some even tried to scale the Green Monster, before succumbing to the unrelenting force of gravity and falling on their asses.

Now the mayor of Boston is considering shutting down all the bars around Fenway. And if I heard him correctly, (and that’s a big if, anyone who’s heard the man talk knows how difficult that can be) there also might be a ban on televisions tuned to the games within a certain distance of the Fenway area.

I’d normally be opposed to such harsh actions against my two greatest loves, booze and TV; but I loathe all the loud Boston college kids who drunkenly yell on the T so much that I wouldn’t mind the Mayor switching those less lethals for some sawed-offs the next time they turn into a mob.

It should go without saying that I will be incredibly unproductive for the next week or so. I also promise to watch all of Ben Affleck’s crappy movies if it could somehow get me a ticket to any of the games.

* Hopefully with a different outcome than the other two.