My Last Red Sox Post&#32(At Least Until Hot Stove Season)


This was my view of the Red Sox’ first World Series victory in 86 years. I don’t really have anything to say about it, but I wrote so many posts over the past couple of weeks about their playoff run that ignoring its magnificent end didn’t seem right.

Amazingly, despite what many morons have surmised, the ending of the series drought didn’t cause me to lose my identity or enthusiasm for the team. I can only hope that this is only true for me, or else getting face value tickets to Fenway next year will be even more impossible than it was this year, barring some glass bottomed roof added to the park before April.

There’s no reason next season shouldn’t be just as entertaining, even with all the free agent wrangling Saint Theo has to do over the next month or so. I can only hope that Craig was right when he said the Yankees will be eviscerated, which would leave only one team to dominate the AL East in 2005.

Hopefully both Sox and Yankees fans can spend this winter working on some new chants and heckles that aren’t old and busted. My suggestion is: “By Jove, those Yankees most definitely have a tendency to choke in must-win situations! Huzzah!” But that’s just me and I doubt it will catch on.

The one setback to their epic choke is that the “Yankees Suck!” chant, which was on the decline, will come back en fuerza. Come on Red Sox fans, you are capable of such awesome chants as “Who’s your dealer?” and “BAL-CO,” get cracking on something that would make an assisted living home of mentally challenged Yankees fans cry.

Now that one month-long distraction is over with, I can start paying attention to the election. And if that doesn’t drag out through the holidays, I just might be able to get some shit done around here.