A BFW After School Special

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Sorry for such a late post. I don’t know how many people just check the blog for the new cartoon, but for anyone who does, I always post the cartoon on time on the front page.

This week’s comic is a half-hearted effort. I figured I should do something about how important voter turnout is, but I couldn’t bring myself to make a heavy-handed comic strip. Sincerity is just not in my nature.

Unlike a link between marijuana and gun violence, a link between voter apathy and the shitty condition of the world around us actually exists. Voter turnout in America is the laughing stock of the civilized world. Negative campaigns and elections held on a workday don’t help, but there’s really no excuse for just fifty percent of those eligible to show up to the polls.

I know it seems pointless with the electoral college making votes in swing states the only ones that matter. If it helps, don’t think of your vote on the macro level. It’s just too depressing. Instead, imagine your meaningless blue state vote for Kerry single-handedly nullifying the vote of some reactionary creationist homophobe in a red state. It’s much more satisfying that way.

I can only hope that by the time I post next week’s cartoon, President-elect Kerry received a mandate that made him more credible to the right than Bush was to us dirty hippies.