Black Tie Comedy

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There’s nothing less funny than comedy criticism or analysis, particularly when it’s of shitty comedy. But I’m going to do it anyway. If you’re still reading this, consider yourself warned that boring things are about to happen.

I’m not sure how obvious it is, but this is a parody of Blue Collar TV, a dumbed-down version of Hee Haw that airs on the WB and reruns on Comedy Central, immediately prior to its polar opposite, the Daily Show.

I am a Fancy Pants Elitist and a comedy snob. However, I’m not the biggest asshole in the world. I do give everything a shot, and only mock things after I’ve been subjected to them for at least fifteen painfully unfunny minutes.

For example, I saw Ron White’s Comedy Central special and think he’s hilarious. And he was part of the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He was just smart enough to steer clear of a sketch comedy show that seems as if it was written by the Cracked staff.

Now that he dropped that horribly repetitive redneck bit, I have no objections to Jeff Foxworthy either. It’s not my thing, but I can see why people who like a little less irony and sarcasm like him.

Larry the Cable Guy however, is an unfunny douche. I might have less vitriol for the guy if Google didn’t keep serving ads for his crap on this page, but that wouldn’t make him any funnier. And I am aware that mentioning his name is only going to make things worse.

The point of the cartoon wasn’t to make fun of those guys anyway. It’s the notion of Blue Collar Comedy itself that bothers me. It implies that every other comedy show is somehow too highbrow for the working class. And that’s just stupid. Everyone knows rich people have a far inferior sense of humor. The sale of Dorf tapes is proof enough.

I know what the three of you who made it this far are thinking: Who the fuck made you the grand poobah of shits and giggles? You make an excellent point potty mouth. These are just my opinions. I could be the one retard in the world who doesn’t get why a fat guy in a hot tub is automatically hilarious.

All of this is an elaborate ruse. The premise of this cartoon merely exists so I could phone it in and write some shitty jokes while drawing a guy in a top hat.