Deck The Halls With Awful Cartoons

I was doing some tidying up on the server and an I came up with an idea that might help me put food on my family. Nearly every webcomic has one of those ubiquitous PayPal donate buttons. BFW did back in the day, but it produced few results, so I got rid of it.

A goodly chunk of old BFW cartoons aren’t available to the public. It was my intent that it might help drum up sales of the now year-old comic book. They’re also blocked to lower bandwidth strain and to keep people from seeing some of the spectacularly shitty early cartoons first and then writing off BFW without ever seeing the recent cartoons.

I’d like to know if there’s any interest in opening up the entire archives to people who contribute a buck or two. Just shoot me an email or post in the forum if it sounds like something you’re interested in.

Now there are some people who think every comic strip, song, movie, TV show, and bukkake video should be free thanks to the magical internets. These people are communists and should be ignored. You don’t work in a cubicle at the cracker factory for free and I shouldn’t have to either, unless you’re willing to hook me up with some health care.