Blog Neglect

I spent all of this week’s special bloggin’ time making a style for the forum that matches the rest of the site. Now its garish colors and sloppy construction help it fit seamlessly within the rest of the shoddily designed BFW website.

I assume interesting news happened somewhere this week. I’ve been too busy to read the papers or political blogs, so my only source of information were bits and pieces I saw on television. So the only news items I caught wind of were the Peterson sentencing and the botched Kerik DHS nomination. Both are boring and tedious and I have nothing to say. The fascination with Scott and Laci has irritated me endlessly since the earliest days of BFW. I’m sure some fat lady with a harelip was killed somewhere more recently, but no one’s been talking about that all the goddamned time.

The only other thing from the outside world I’ve heard about is news from the baseball winter meetings. It’s sad to see Pedro go, but like me, his salad days were in the late nineties. Except for me, salad is just a euphemism for cheesesteak. David Wells is a dick, but he might bring some of the Sox’ to my neat little town in the Greater Boston hinterlands thanks to this fine establishment.