The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

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I’m not an economist, so don’t take these dumb jokes as fact. But let’s not kid ourselves. Economics is not rocket science, even though rocket science isn’t rocket science either. I believe most economists were poli-sci majors who were just socially inept enough to have an interest in math, but not enough to push them over to the dweeb dark side of physics, differential equations, or the nerdliest of all, engineering. To anyone from those majors, economics is barely above astrology in terms of difficulty.

This cartoon was inspired by this article in the Economist. It explains in many fancy pants paragraphs that spending money you don’t have isn’t a good idea, for both individuals and governments. I understand that debt is a part of life, especially for people with more responsibilities than a deadbeat cartoonist, or for countries that have begun a quest for global hegemony, but eventually the spending has to give way to some income.

This is boring me and I’m pretty busy, so I’ll leave you with this last thing. I am not against rich people and for poor people. I am against greedy people. Greedy people exist in all classes, from the CEO who gets a multi-billion dollar golden parachute after tanking the pensions of thousands of people who were happy with what they had, to the poor dumb hillbilly who tramples her mother to get to Wal-Mart’s last $50 DVD player. These tax cuts and the privatization plan for Social Security have nothing to with sound economic policy and everything to do with greed.

However, my economic worldview exists only as a manifestation my own greed. If the middle class is wiped out of existence, there won’t be enough people with disposable incomes to buy my shitty comics and other novelty items. Then I’ll never be able to afford my mansion on a hill with its diamond encrusted bidet.

Oh I almost forgot. One last thing about economics. Who the fuck does Suze Orman think she is? Everytime I flip past CNBC, she’s there telling stupid people that credit cards are a bad idea and selling books that say the same thing. No shit. I could be doing that and making millions if I were able to tolerate talking to the morons who didn’t realize 30% interest rates were a bad idea. Jesus I hate that woman, and now that she’s doing truck commercials, I have to see her stupid face all the time.