The Case Against Seth MacFarlane

I’m still in the middle of moving all my crap from the old computer to the new one. But this startling bit of news got my pull-ups in such a twist that I had to end my blogging break early.

For those of you who don’t feel like reading the article, it says that Fox has reduced this season’s order of Arrested Development episodes to make room for hack comedy golden boy, Seth MacFarlane and his second shit pile of a show. I always hated Family Guy for its obvious jokes and lame eighties references, but at least it was an original show that managed to suck in new and innovative ways. American Dad is just a cheap knock-off, clearly showing that MacFarlane is comedy’s Brett Ratner.

This post is just in jest if that untalented douchebag is looking for a young writer who also remembers things from the eighties.

If you’re at all interested in Arrested Development and how it’s put together, The Onion AV Club has an excellent interview with series creator Mitchell Hurwitz. And for balance, they also did an interview with the moron a few weeks ago.

I’m sorry I haven’t done anything political in a while. Social Security’s been all the rage, and as a deadbeat cartoonist, I don’t make enough to pay into the system. Plus finding something funny to do with annuities is beyond my limited skills. Hopefully once Dean is named DNC chair, the political debate won’t be dominated by the likes of mystery tools.

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  1. Seth MacFarlane is kind-of full of himself. He thinks he’s a genius and wants to be seen as a genius, so he acts like he is one. You can tell he’s the kind-of kid that would be bullied in high-school for being so nerdy, and completely hating the bullies, not realizing that they only pick on him because he acts like he’s so much more superior than everyone else. I don’t care that he has a passion in his political views and such; passion is a good thing. I just hate how he uses the character Brian to act as his “vessel” to make himself seem (and feel) cool. His voice is nice, but you can tell he is putting too much bass into it (like faking it). You can also see, through Brian, that he thinks his views are completely correct. He seems like a very close-minded person, and he is really stereotyping athiests, IMO. Also, why does everyone hate him because he has more money then you? I don’t really understand how him being successful can piss you off so much… Family Guy is a decent show, I watch it when it’s on (re-run after re-run >_>), and its random and plot-less humor is funny. People like funny things which = profit. People like random humor now; it’s the new type of humor. American Dad isn’t too bad, either… Come-on people, you’re only hating the shows because you hate Seth. Seth isn’t the only one making the show. There’s different writers and tons of other people pitching in.

    /end rant ^^

  2. Dawnawor, I completely agree. You made a very poignant point. I agree with the general consensus the people on this comment board have reached.
    I’m starting to think Macfarlane is narcissistic in the extreme. He’s got his hand in just about every facet of the entertainment medium.
    From what I understand, that level of narcissism stems from deep seated insecurity. I’m also starting to think his penis might be incredibly small. Or maybe he’s bad in bed. That could be why his relationships last about ten minutes but I digress.
    Anyway, it floors me that the Emmy’s have recently bowed down and accepted this overrated cartoon as relevant enough to warrant a nomination. There is no way in hell that man will win. If he does it proves that there is no god. You hear me? No. god.

  3. Shinygoon Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 3:14 am
    Seth sucks. I’s snap a cap on him if I could get to him. But he is a protected memeber of the elite suck ass piece of filth shit eating left, so he’d be hard to touch. But, it might worth a try.

    Alex Boringstein Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 2:56 pm
    Once again a sneering leftist pig has deposited a pile of excrement and we are to be so awed by its magnificence that we quit our jobs and buy “Stewie” t shirts and mugs. “what the Deuce indeed”.

    You guys should love Seth Macfarlane. His idea of humour has infiltrated the american left and contributed to the destruction of its credibility. He’s doing your dirty work for you.

  4. I’ll chip in by saying:

    1) Family guy started out as damn hilarious.
    2) But then it slid (season 4) to turd. I sat through an entire episode of season four not laughing.
    3) The Cleveland show is the biggest turd of a spinoff idea I’ve ever seen. And that includes “Joey”. “O LOLZ A BERR DAT TALX LULZ!LOL!!!1!!!!”
    4) You can only make so many jokes involving the line “Remember the time”, the words “Jewish” and “Muslim” and the fart joke thing

    Bring back King of the Hill, dammit!

  5. Jesus, this is from 2005 and people are still talking about it? Crikey. Why is there a 5 year time limit on it?

  6. I agree completely Chris.

    It’s actually a one year limit from the last comment, since this page is so goddamn popular. It comes up first when you search “Seth MacFarlane Douchebag.”

  7. At least you’ve achieved something fairly momentous. My claim to fame was that typing in “Chris Lewis” into google got more results than Saddam Hussein (pre-execution, I haven’t checked lately)

  8. The problem I find with McFarlene and the creators of South Park is the creeping suspicion that they are promoted and kept around because they are helping to further corrupt society. At least King of the Hill had some universal morality.

    Family Guy is a show which I will no longer watch because it is tedious, predictable, and essentially a form of pornography. Incest, rape, pedophilia, the abuse of women, bestiality, ridicule of the father figure, and violence are all high comedy for seth and friends. South Park is no better, and both try to clothe themselves in the false morality of the left, while making jokes out of subjects which cause people real pain in their lives. I am sure it is not funny to many people affected by these issues.

    Additionally these shows are on in prime time when children are watching, and make continuous pornographic references throughout the show. It just shows how thoroughly corrupt we are as a nation, I am not even a Christian, and it is beyond the pale. There used to be a time when comedy was clean and funny, without having to stoop to toilet humor.

    Whoever said there are no sacred cows in comedy, never had any love for anything beyond themselves. There used to be a time when a great deal of love and time was put into writing comedy, to not offend, but to entertain. This is what makes mcfarlane a hack. He is derivative, and his gags are smut, scatological toilet humor and violence.

  9. ”The problem I find with McFarlene and the creators of South Park is the creeping suspicion that they are promoted and kept around because they are helping to further corrupt society”

    Don’t be ridiculous, if there is one thing more annoying then McFarlene’s smug grin, then its lunatics like the above comment who seem think every little thing is a conspiracy.

    Any, McFarlene is a ‘douche’, or a ‘twat’ as I would prefer to say.
    His humour does appeal to the lowest common denominator, the constant 80’s references, flashbacks and the continued (and amazing) blatant Simpsons plagiarism.

    However, it does has its moments at times, and believe it or not, it isnt the anti-Christ.

    Although everytime time I see old Seth’s smug smile, it just feels like a big kick in the balls for anyone with a sense of humour over the age of 21.

  10. I personally feel the only possible “conspiracy” behind Family Guy (and other fox shows, such as The Simpsons”) is that in order to maintain their position on TV, when they are so obviously stale, is that they are beginning to embrace – ever so subtly – a more right-wing agenda, in – say – depictions of gays as sissyboys who stand around flapping their hands, or all middle-eastern (scratch that, “brown”) people are terrorist sympathisers, or embrace fundamentalist muslim beliefs. E.g. a sikh in disneyworld being distracted by “a woman learning”.

    Further left-wing shows, or rather, less conforming to Murdoch’s worldview, such as futurama, king of the hill (although that was pretty stale by the time it ended) or early-on family guy were all canned. Also note how often the Simpsons took the piss outta Dubya (practically zero), and how often Clinton was satirised, and you’ll see my point.

  11. I used to like Family Guy, and every now and then I’ll still get a cheap laugh out of it. I usually like to watch things that make me question stuff (which South Park used to do and Family Guy has never done). But I agree. Seth MacFarlane has no talent, well, he’s used it all up. See, South Park will make fun of everyone (in a different light for each, but still…) I mean, they’ll make fun of a Christian and an atheist (Go God Go was by far one of the best episodes they’ve done), while Family Guy does only one side. They’ll make fun of the religious without realizing that they’re hitting the same topic that’s been done for years. The episode where he says that undecided voters are the biggest idiots in the world was just flat out liberal idiocy (and I’m a liberal). They’re episode depicting Texans as being a bunch of red state republican zealots was pretty pathetic too.

    I don’t think anyone should be called an idiot for the shows they like. I mean, if they want fart jokes, give them fart jokes. It’s just that MacFarlane takes it to a whole new level. It’s like he’s thinking “Everyone but me is an idiot. Me, me, m, me, me.” His jokes about Bush were just stupid and overused (and I hate G. Bush as much as the next guy). And how many times to we have to see the writers of Family Guy copy a YouTube video (From the grape crushing reporter who falls, to the boom goes the dynamite guy) and pretty much pass itoff as their own clever writing (yes, they do pass it off as their own by changing it up ever so slightly).

    South Park was okay for awhile, and I still catch it every now and then when I can, but even they have lost their touch, I think. Libertarianism isn’t my style (my dad is a hardcore libertarian), so that’s probably the reason, and they are a little more preachy than Family Guy. But with episodes such as The Coon, how could you not like at least some part of South Park?

  12. Arrested Development is on a different level than Family Guy. Two different types of comedy. Seth isn’t a d-bag; he’s genius.

  13. Seth McFarlane is a douchebag who needs to be dealt with. I know where he lives and his usual haunts, have schematics on his residence and automobile, and have been personally hand-raising 17 cages of bats and collecting their guano to mass produce a combination incendiary device/stink bomb to wipe that smug $#!t-eating smile off his face. . KOTH will be avenged, mark my words.
    If you would like to join the movement and help bring down family guy from the inside, send your graphic hate mail to

    Family Guy
    P.O. Box 900
    Attn: FOX BROADCASTING Publicity Dept.
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

    If fan letters could put this show back on air, maybe hate mail and explosives could send it back to hell. WHO IS WITH ME?

  14. From Brian: “Here’s a better thesis: Most people are morons and like shows that don’t challenge their intelligence.”

    Spoken like a self-proclaimed intellectual D-bag.
    You want to challenge your mind? Read a book, or watch a documentary. Only a “moron” thinks that fictional broadcasts were meant to challenge their intellect.

  15. …personally, i just can’t watch F.G anymore, it doesn’t make me laugh, mabey it’s my abstract sense of humor, but i’d rather watch any episode of A.D. or South Park, but really, it’s all bullshit….just ask, JAZZ (music)

  16. Personally, I think he’s a real doucher, and to those amoebas who call this two-bit charlatan a “genius,” that’s pretty egregious (come on, Edison and Einstein were geniuses…). However, I will readily admit that he has a shrewd business savvy sense about him. I mean, we can all “rabble” on about how much Family Guy is a lame fart-joke hack, but the real point is that this dude is making bank off the American idiot. As much of the bullshit out there in pop-culture goes, fickle and vacuous society-at-large eagerly consumes marginally talented dribble, he just for figured out a way to weasel in on his piece of the pie. Believe me, I’m all for the masses picking up Dostoevsky or Huxley instead of flipping on the electric-Jew and extolling praise over MacFarleft’s warped sensibilities, but history has pretty well proven it aint never gonna’ happen, thus our shameless nation of sheeple continues its voluntary enslavement…

  17. Seth Mcfarlane Is a piece of shit,making fun of mentally challenged children, would love to have a chance to put my boot up his ass

  18. At the end of the day, what started as original, cutting-edge satire became a lamebrained fart-joke hack designed purely to offend people rather than make them laugh. The laughter became a byproduct of the “shock value”.

  19. I’m not sure what to think.
    I like Family Guy because of Stewie and Brian (They pretty much make the show), but I dislike the fact that Seth does seem like a pompous asshole.
    I’m not even sure Stewie and Brian are his idea, considering everything else he touches turns to shit. Ever see his skits on You Tube?
    They’re god awful lame!
    Who ever he stole Stewie and Brian from should be in charge of Family Guy.
    Seth can keep American Dad and The Clevland Show!

  20. Family Guy was enjoyable for seasons 1-3. Ever since it came back it has degenerated into too many movie references and Democrat talking points. Bring back Arrested Development, King of the Hill & Greg the Bunny. Those shows had actual writing, punchlines, and a freaking story. Shame on you FOX for selling out your Sunday nights to this clown.

  21. Macfarlane always has this smug shit-eating grin because he knows the masses flock to his unfunny crap. Someone should kick his ass.

  22. Still hanging in there at number 7 on google for ‘seth mcfarlane asshole’! Seth is just thumbing his nose at his audience and seeing how far he can get before those fat paychecks start dwindling! Those two (!) Conway Twitty interludes prove it and so do those 30 second spots dedicated to Peter banging his toe and saying ‘Ow’ fifty times. And that live show that he and his wife did where he just stood there with his smug smile singing to the crowd who were waiting for jokes that never came. What self-indulgent, pretentious crap! However, I must say that much of his writing besides the above and that doesn’t refer to farts has been brilliant and I’ve enjoyed all the characters…except Peter, who has absolutely none of the redeeming qualities that a Homer has. Seth just tries to make Peter a bigger selfish, uncaring asshole every show and people are still buying it. Sheesh…can’t people see that this arrogant putz is laughing at them?

  23. Ya like the guy in the $8000 suit is gonna answer the guy who doesn’t make that in a year. COME ON!

  24. Wow! I must admit my outlook has risen considerably for the better after reading these posts than I anticipated, in regards to common culture’s ultimate icon and hero to douche lickers everywhere, Seth MacFarlane. I am happy to see that the majority of all viewers contributing to this site get it; and that is, MacFarlane is a social, spiritual and unequivocal pariah on all things that involve even the smallest form of cohesive thinking. Although an overwhelmingly staunch opponent to any and all sorts of violence, if the day should arise when this mother fucker reaps all the calamities and catastrophes he has sown, I would joyously welcome any bit of news which reported that at long last, finally, Seth MacFarlane may not in fact survive the ordeal of being crapped out of Keith Olbermann’s asshole after each, reportedly, engaged in consensual megalomania and narcissistic anal activity.

  25. Because making millions means you’re obviously so very talented especially if all you can do is make constant rape jokes and rip off other people’s work. Oh yes, he’s such a talented artist. Come on, think for yourselves for a change people.

  26. thank you to the person who said the word ‘genius’ is thrown around too much. you are so right! my dad makes me laugh, but he sure as hell is no genius. just because the guy made millions duping the public into believing he could write makes him a genius? such bullshit!

    that emmy nom was total bullshit as well. who did he have to blow to make that happen? south park and the simpsons really should have had that honor.

  27. Despite the fact that this thread is ancient, I feel that I must deposit my two cents into the opinion jar.
    One: Seth, while very famous, makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork because of his over-liberal agenda and anti-religious comment. I mean, we get it already. You don’t like God. Now shut the hell up so we can get on with our lives.
    Two: He must burn for creating The Cleavland Show. Family Guy, I could tolerate. American Dad was easy to ignore. But this work of evil caused Fox to get rid of King of the Hill, and this act is unforgivable.
    Three: I’m not usually one for violence, but if I ever see this MacFarlane butt wipe, I’ll make him look even more screwed up than he already does. This I swear on the grave of funny cartoons

  28. If anything proves macfarlane’s comedy genius is that he’s hosted two comedy central roasts and hes done great! south park is a great show but its characters are too flat and it still hasn’t recovered from chef’s absence. family guy at least explores its characters, even if its mostly brian and stewie. macfarlane is also doing the country good, he’s constantly showing the stupidity of conservatives and spreads his message of liberal awesomeness. he’s as great as michael moore.

  29. Directed at something Chris said earlier – “what started as original, cutting-edge satire”

    When did Family Guy ever have cutting edge satire? It was pretty mediocre at the start and has just plummeted since then.

    To the people that can only defend Family Guy by calling anyone criticizing it “pseudo-intellectuals” or an anti-hyper “hater”, why don’t you actually type up some comments that counter the criticisms made? I’ve yet to see anyone in these comments do so and I beleive it is because they can’t. Family Guy appeals to the lowest common denominator with its base humor; and yes, that is why it has such mass appeal.

    But hey, if you take pride in being lowbrow, suit yourself; it’s your loss.

  30. No need to get work up over an opinion guys. Family guys is funny to me sometimes , and to others it’s not.Just get on with life :L

  31. Seth MacFarlane is a mean-spirited, bitter douchebag. His main show is a rip-off of The Simpsons and the other ones rip-offs of the main rip-off.

    There’s nothing original about Family Guy — one would argue that its cutaways are…but really, Simpsons have already done it multiple times (although theirs make sense and are related to the episode’s story). Like when Homer is at the hospital and Lenny says they (at the nuclear plant) took a long time trying to find a replacement for him. A cutaway shows he was replaced by a brick hanging from a lever.

  32. i agree with the main article. Seth has some funny jokes, i admit, but other than that he just pushes his liberal/racist/atheist views on everyone through over exaggerated repetitive jokes that have absolutely no cleverness put into them whatsoever. He makes fun of ALL of hollywood, but he forgets to make fun of one little C-list douche, himself. I am 15 years old and other kids whom i know watch the show avidly, are plain dimwitted.

  33. I’m a 68 year old female. Love Family Guy most of the time. I think they should be more politically balanced. I’m not religious nor conservative but they’re not an equal opportunity employer. I love satire but when you’re pushing propaganda down my throught all the time through lois and Brian it gets annoying with her cloying voice and brians superior attitude. Love the scatological humor in many ways FG is both low brow and high brow humor. We can watch the same episodes several time over and laugh each time. I love that he makes fun of Hollywood and everyone else..Love satire..Please stop talking to me about the Simpson’s and South Park both bore me to death…so please give me a break with the comparisons but I don’t go on their website to constantly insult them as many of you here do.

  34. I’m a fan of Family Guy, and I think a few episodes of American Dad are pretty decent. Unfortunately though, Seth’s material has been going downhill. I’m not here to hate on him for his work though, nor his money. It’s his character that he’s displayed to me in Comedy Central Roasts that has led me to type “Seth Macfarlane is a douche” on google and end up here. The man seems to have abandoned God and replaced Him with nothing but pure hatred. Now, I’m not really religious, but I can tell by Seth’s spite for those who are that he definitely was at one point. I was watching The Charlie Sheen Roast and I just want to say that, with his fake voice (seriously the guy sounds like a sportscaster wtf is that all about?), fake tan, and fake teeth, Mr. Mcfarlane is more of a cartoon than Peter Griffin with the only real thing left of him being pure hatred and fear. The man is afraid to be himself. I pity him and wish him the best, despite his vicious personality hidden behind a fake smile.

  35. Six years on, and still on the first page of Google! MacFarlane Strikes me as someone who has surrounded himself with sycophantic yes men affirming his supposed greatness. What really gets under my skin is the flagrant hypocrisy he displays. On one hand, he preaches tolerance, which is good. But then, he’ll turn right around and ridicule anyone who doesn’t believe exactly the same way as him. You can’t have it both ways, Seth.

  36. I have always considered myself very middle of the road, politically. But after watching Faily Guy (a show I used to love back in seasons 1-2) I am actually becoming more conservative.
    I almost wish homosexuals would dissapear into thin air and the cannibis plant would go extinct, just so I didn’t have to hear about them anymore. And while I have absolutely NO love for Bush, I have actually become more sympathetic to him (and his administration) after the constant “Bush is evil”.
    Thanks Seth, more turning moderate, average American citizens off to liberal causes…and politics in general!

  37. …Bill, I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but this is an intervention. We’re all very concerned that you’re just too stupid to function. You just claimed to have shifted your entire political ideology because you don’t like a TV show. You’re destroying yourself Bill, and it’s hurting us to see you do this. We want you to turn off the computer and get help. Get help before you end up voting, because that’s something we’re all terrified will happen.

  38. Seth MacFarlane? Has comedy devolved that much? And what’s with the Palin fetish ? Is that some sort of mommy fetish of his?

  39. You know what, this post is old but what the hell, I feel ranty.
    I actually used to like Family Guy, but now, it’s become 25 minutes of “Brian’s the best character, God’s stupid and so are christians for believing in him, and Republicans are evil”.I’m an atheist, but I don’t hate or ridicule Christian’s, because everyone has their views, and no-one else has the right to ridicule or insult them because they have different views.The jokes on Family Guy are no longer funny or even jokes at all any more, they are just MacFarlane’s views about everything. That, or 5 minutes of Conway Frickin’ Twitty. And scenes from obscure films that no-one has even heard of. This is such a shame, because FG used to be a funny show. Now? 25 minutes of atheism and Liberal Rhetoric. And Conway Twitty.
    Im not even going into Family Guy’s cash-cow sisters, American Dad and Cleveland Show. THAT’S a topic that doesn’t need elaborating.

  40. Wow, 7 years worth of comments about whether or not Seth MacFarlane is a hack/douche/turd-sandwich. Whether or not he’s a douche is irrelevant. There are tons of assholes who were funny, like George Carlin, or Richard Pryor just to name two. The key difference was that *they* were actually clever. Family Guy only lasted the first 3 years because it was “edgy” at a time when South Park was picking up steam, it was a safe bet for Fox. It got decent ratings in a shitty late night cable spot, and Fox saw a way to make easy money, and brought it back. But, enough people have ranted on this blog, I’ll let google settle the score.
    Search “Seth Macfarlane”, and this doesn’t even make the first page of results>
    Search “Seth Macfarlane is a hack”, number 2 result.
    The verdict is in, Family Guy sucks, and if you genuinely like it outside of a cheap, reflex laugh, you have bad taste.

  41. Hack Alert!!

    He is coming out with a movie called TED, YouTube it for the trailer. It is a direct rip-off of a cartoon strip rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles. Seth will be praised once again for stealing someone else’s idea and making it less funny.

  42. I love comedy first and foremost. From Fawlty Towers to Airplane! to Blazing Saddles to Arrested Development. I have liked FAmily Guy but Mcfarlane IS the problem. It is often wince inducing how much he abuses his talent to constantly lecture liberal simpleton talking points. I mean the self righteous asshole would make any televangelist blush with his hamfisted preachyness. Only if youre an idiotic OWS douche could you defend his soapboxing(usually under Brians rants or some “Repubs are Hitler” b.s.). WHat do Carson, Mel Brooks, 80s David Letterman have in common? WE DONT KNOW THEIR POLITICS. They voted Im sure but had the sense to pursue satire first and understand comedy is a release. Get over yourself eyebrow plucking 1% er and stick to fart jokes and “land of the lost ” jokes.

  43. An overriding theme in the comments is how horrible McFarlane is because of his political views. Having a political slant in a film, TV series or book is not unusual, nor is it corrupt…perhaps only in the brains of those who wish the political view in question was other than it is.

    Let’s remember it is Fox giving this man a platform – a notoriously right-wing entertainment profit machine no less. Which clearly means they don’t mind the content as long as it helps the dollars roll in and keeps the people watching Fox.

    McFarlane probably thinks he’s cleverly subversive getting Fox to air his cartoons, but the joke runs in two ways: he assists Murdoch’s appalling media network and they spout right-wing nonsense at the same time as commissioning, showing and profiting from cartoons containing the views they rail about 24 hours a day.

    That’s how twisted media relationships can be. And how hollow, backward and hypocritical the culture wars are. In many ways Family Guy is probably at home among the preachy nonsense Fox produces, and probably also helps Fox’s ‘true-believers’ strengthen their belief in “liberal bias”.

  44. I used to watch ‘Family Guy’ but now, I pass it by when channel surfing. I understand making jokes about people but it’s all one sided. Seth’s an atheist. I get that. I don’t want his liberal crap pushed on me every episode. I was shocked when ‘King of the Hill’ got booted off. And for ‘The Cleveland Show’!! I watched a few episodes but couldn’t get into it. I love ‘King of the Hill’ and now have to resort to DVR’ing re-runs. ‘King of the Hill’ is a far better show than Cleveland. It had plot, great 3 dimensional characters and it was actually funny and fun to watch.
    Bring ‘King of the Hill’ back. I miss Hank selling his propane and propane accessories, Boomhauer’s talking, Bill’s insecurity and Dale’s craziness.
    Why Fox? Why? Where is your brain?

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