Fake Valentines Are Back

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I almost didn’t update the site today. I’ve been so distracted moving all of my crap from my old machine and getting everything set up the way I like it on the new one, that I nearly forgot why I used the computer in the first place.

Besides that boring peek into the minutiae of my week, there’s not much to say about this cartoon. Next year I’ll make a conscious effort not to do fake valentines again, but chances are I’ll be gripped with another awful case of the lazies.

Some of you might not recognize the Love Is… parody. It’s a terrible saccharine comic strip that some brain dead lady started in the seventies that has been kept alive by her demon spawn following her death. I promise you that BFW will die with me, forcing any lazy freeloading children I may have to come up with their own shitty comic strips.

This should go without saying, but domestic violence is never funny. Unless it’s a fat lady beating up her tiny husband, which is the only reason why I watch COPS.