Country Justice

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For some reason I thought Blind Justice was an NBC show. They have the Psychic Snaggle-Toothed Detective and I just assumed they’d be responsible for every other ridiculous detective show. Upon closer inspection of television’s garbage time, it turns out all the networks are guilty of using the tired premise of a cop with special powers/disabilities, so singling out NBC wasn’t very fair of me.

I was going to have eight panels of promos for various preposterous cop show premises, but most weren’t very good, except maybe for this one and Pam: The Lady Detective.

Then I tried doing a plot-driven comic where the farmer’s highly specialized skills would prove useful in fighting crime on the streets of New York. (A sheltie rounding up junkies, identifying a murder weapon as a pitchfork, and using a pig to track down the kidnapped heiress of the Mandrake truffle fortune.) It was all too clumsy and forced, and I must confess involved a daunting number of awkward poses and scenes to illustrate.

I bitch and moan about the quality of TV shows all the time, especially with all the rumors about the untimely demise of Arrested Development, but the audiences are just as responsible as the networks. There once was a time when the stupid and easily entertained were mocked and ridiculed. Now their every base and puerile desire is catered to by the networks, greatly reducing the amount of programming an elitist prick like myself can tolerate.