When Will It End?

So I’m watching Nightline, as is my wonky custom, and its all about blogs. Not news, not anything important, just all about blogs and the bloggers who are in love with themselves. I won’t name any, but there are several blogs I no longer read regularly because they’ve become obsessed with defining blogging’s role in the media.

Was there this much introspection and self-congratulatory behavior when the CB radio busted onto the scene and revolutionized the way truckers informed each other to the whereabouts of smokey bears and rest stop hookers? If my vague recollection of Smokey and the Bandit is any guide, I will guess the aswer is no.

I’m posting this because I know it’ll end up in a bunch of aggregators that will be used to follow tonight’s Nightline and the resulting blogging circle jerk that will ensue.

So please, people who spend way too much time commenting on the medium instead of the message, lose your deluded sense of importance and get back to posting links to embarrassing quasi-celebrity photos and articles that contain at least a couple of facts in them.