Let’s Start a Class Action Mr. MacNichol

Poor Robert MacNichol, the internet’s newest clueless douchebag. He’s a sad little man who’s threatened to sue some game review website because a video game they covered featured a character with the same name. His main beef was that Google would return results that weren’t about him when people searched his name. Obviously, I found this via Boing Boing.

While I agree that the man is insane and has no grasp on reality, I hope his case magically holds up in the courts. Then I’ll have the precedent to sue another Brian McFadden for damages. For the past several years, my untalented doppelganger has haunted my Google placement. Who knows how many friends and acquaintances were led to believe that I am a mediocre Irish pop has been.

This happens every time I mention him, so I’ll address it now. I don’t care if you are fan of the other, more evil, Brian McFadden. Your basic grasp of the intarweb will inevitably lead you to this page and you will get the urge to tell me that he is the real Brian McFadden. “Bullshit,” I say, you cabbage-eating teeny bopper. His name was Bryan. He changed it in a deliberate attempt to mooch off the obscurity I had carefully cultivated over the past quarter century.

Holy Christ! I just did an ego check on Google and I’m down to the last result on the first page, with quotes! Please help me take my name back from my crooning evil twin.