12 Days Until Extraordinary Rendition

I was busy meeting a deadline and missed this article in Sunday’s Globe, in which a minority partner of the Red Sox confirms that his private jet has been chartered several times by the CIA. The exact purposes of those flights, which include stops in various foreign lands where stoning is the national pastime, haven’t been confirmed, but it’s likely that a few of those trips were for extraordinary rendition, the US policy of sending people to countries where torture isn’t so gosh-darned frowned upon.

Phillip Morse, the owner of the jet, is someone I’ve never heard of and I’m a fairly observant Red Sox nerd. The only way this relates to the Red Sox is that Morse put their logo on his plane. It’s not like hooded detainees were shackled to Johnny Damon on the team plane. (However, I’m pretty sure there isn’t an actual Red Sox plane. I recall some travel problems in Tampa last year because they charter all their flights, so it’s possible that at least a few players might’ve used Morse’s jet at some point or another.) He said the logo gets covered up for all the chartered flights, which happens a lot apparently.

The world of chartered private jets is a confusing racket to a poor economy class schlub like myself. You’d think if you had enough money to buy your own plane, you’d keep it nearby. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point? That’s like buying a fancy trophy wife and renting her out every weekend.

Anyway, I thought the story was interesting, a lot more engaging than the steroids scandal or the Terri Schiavo story, which is the subject of Friday’s cartoon. I heard about it via this post on Daily Kos.