Science Fact

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This is the second comic I wrote this week. The first one was called “Lame Moments in Rock,” and it was horrible. I write awful cartoons all the time, but usually don’t realize it until long after they’re done and up on the site. This one however, made its suckiness apparent to me as soon as I finished sketching it, which is the most time-consuming and tedious part of creating a BFW comic.

Despite all the time I put into it, I couldn’t bring that hideous beast to life and instead went with something slightly better that could be slapped together in the limited amount of time I had left before my deadline.

The point I was trying to make with this cartoon is that science has become so devalued in this country that science journals might as well be pulp magazines. It doesn’t come across as clearly as I intended. If I had more time, it’s an idea that I think could’ve turned into a really good cartoon, instead of one that’s just acceptable.

It’s obviously not as severe as racism, sexism, or agism, but anti-intellectualism has been on the rise for years. There was a time when those who made the effort to understand the world around them were revered and respected. Now they’re shat upon by self-righteous mouth breathing goons who would rather shove abstinence only education down the throats of children than read every study that proves it doesn’t work.

Other people who are smarter than me have written much more eloquently about this disturbing trend. I don’t have the time to find a version online, but Sarah Vowell’s nerds vs. jocks chapter in the Partly Cloudy Patriot comes to mind.

I do have a solution to put an end to the reign of the morons: merciless ridicule. People need to stop celebrating giggling twats and start praising those who are actually contributing something to society. For too long, dumb, faith-based ideas have been humored by the “cultural elites” who didn’t want to offend anyone. That noise has got to stop and they must be made to feel ashamed of their ridiculousness. This year’s Scientific American April Fool’s Editorial is an excellent start.

Do your part to prevent us from slipping into a mini Dark Age. All you have to do is mock ignorance when you see it.

P.S. This is also my strategy for curbing obesity in America.