Therapist at Sigma House

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This is just a silly sketch. No profound commentary on the selection of Pope Benedict XVI, Tom Delay’s parade of shenanigans, or something else that happened this week. Studies have proven that cartoonists who become chained to the news cycle every week become insane fatties.

The title is a shitty play on words, which I came up with at the last minute. This comic was originally titled “Jack O’Hanlon: Manly Therapist,” which sprang forth from my original idea of a rugged elderly New England Fisherman therapist who was completely put off by the idea of people talking about their feelings. That had far too many angles to work into just eight panels, so what you get is a dumbed down, “Gosh, fraternity guys sure are assholes” approach.

I can say that because I was in a fraternity and am still a gigantic asshole. My apologies to all the emo kids, dweebs, nerds, goths, hippies, and anime club members who read BFW and are completely offended that I went with a clique that had a more lenient dress code and a better selection of beverages.