Inside Malevolex Pharmaceuticals

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This is the last of the three comics I slapped together before I left. I was going to do a less polished, BFW Quickie version, but managed to have enough time when I got back to make a more regular looking comic, with some shortcuts.

Pharmaceutical companies already advertise to people who are wholly unqualified to make informed medical decisions. They might as well drop all pretenses of informing the public and start advertising to children, America’s dumbest consumers. Maybe they already are, that Zoloft egg thing certainly isn’t appealing to any depressed adult.

With the time constraints I had, there are lots of things I’d like to change about this cartoon. The setup is clunky and I think it would’ve been funnier to show one of these ads geared toward children. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not the inferred molestation ad is funny or too subtle for anyone who didn’t write the joke.

And before I get letters, I realize that “Uncle Tentacles” could have featured a cameo from BFW’s character driven past. I thought the molesting squid’s head was too phallic and would turn a good clean molestation joke into something in poor taste.

4 thoughts on “Inside Malevolex Pharmaceuticals”

  1. No, I think it’s safe to say tentacles are always presumed to be a molestation joke. Bad anime, it’s ruined it for all us marine biology people.

  2. While you’ve greatly overestimated the capacity of my ass, I agree that I used excessive douchey hand-wringing in the original post. And for the record, the last paragraph about the molesting squid should’ve ended with a sarcasm point.
    Unrelated: Check out the creepy sex offender Google ads that show up on this page.

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