Flip Flop Fun

Fear not wonks. I haven’t completely abandoned the unfunny world of punditry. I’ll be shoving a verbose and tedious political comic down your throats this week. Until then, here are some retractions of my previously held opinions.

After repeated viewings, Comedy Central’s Hollow Men has started to grow on me and I no longer think it’s an unfunny shit stain. While it’s certainly no Mr. Show or Kids in the Hall, it has its own unique comic sensibility and takes chances, something the current crop of TV sketch comedy is afraid to do. With a new season of Reno 911 (now with Pee Wee!), Back to Norm (premeires tonight), and Stella (ask nicely and I’ll show you the kickass pilot) on the way, and maybe Chapelle’s Show if it ever starts up production again, CC just might become a channel I don’t have to quickly leave after The Daily Show to avoid MadTV or Blue Collar Comedy.

Not a retraction, but comedy nerds might like to know that finally, after dozens of trips to Gainesville and other places I live far away from, funny comedians will be visiting my surly and elitist part of the globe. While nothing’s official, Maria Bamford‘s calendar page implies the Comedians of Comedy tour will be playing the Paradise Aug 3. I assume Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn will be there too, and I can only hope that Zach Galifianakis is also on the bill.

When it first came out, I told people I didn’t like the Transplants first album. Maybe it was their catchy riffs or that song that became a Fructis jingle, but I now listen to that CD all the time. They have a new one coming out at the end of next month. Does this mean that I also like Blink-182, whose drummer is also the drummer for the Transplants? Of course not. Don’t be retarded.

It took me ten years, but I finally appreciate the value of a nicely hemmed pair of pants. If this trend keeps up, I just might start having my hair cut more than just twice a year.

Sorry fatties. I still think you are weak-willed and lazy.

5 thoughts on “Flip Flop Fun”

  1. If you’re comfortable with bittorrent and they’re taking new registrations, you can get it at myspleen.

    I’d upload it to my server, but it is obscenely slow with large files. I learned this while tragically trying to share an episode of Wonder Showzen.

    If your Stella fix can’t be sated I can burn it to a disc and send it by Pony Express.

    Update to the post: Back to Norm wasn’t very good.

  2. wow!
    holy crap.
    thanks so much.
    i always thought bittorrent was awesome for making it possible to download whole seasons of good tv, but always wondered where the good-but-less-popular shows were hanging out.
    they’ve apparently all been holing up and partying together at this site.

    as for the pilot itself…i think i’m going to have to devise a drinking game involving something every time a joke is pulled right from the shorts.
    but other than that, i’m glad to see that it transfers pretty nicely to 22-minute format.

  3. Comedy pilots almost always feature the tried and true material. I’m sure the new episodes will be mostly original stuff.

    I think the show will be infinitely better than the shorts because they can’t resort to humping things to end a bit.

    I’ve seen the same sketch in three different places and I still love this line: “Oh, we loved the skunk tails.”

  4. Oh my goodness. That site is a treasure trove of amazing stuff from my youth I thought I’d never see again. The State’s Last Halloween Special? The Dana Carvey Show? (if anything I have to see the Prince Charles/Beatles Cut Off Diana’s Head bit one last time.) Thank you.

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