Public WiFi Question

I’m new to wireless and have no idea how to find a hotspot before I get somewhere and use site survey. What airports offer free public WiFi? The airports I’m specifically curious about are Logan, O’Hare, SeaTac, and Denver. A search through Google led to the seedy underworld of unnavigable websites and shady ISPs. I’d like to kill time getting some work done, but if I have to pay $7 at each airport, I’d rather spend it at the bar than updating this blog.

2 thoughts on “Public WiFi Question”

  1. I was at SeaTac recently and they have WiFi, but only if you have an account with Tmobile or the like. So, I had to wait til I got back to New York to check my email. It was such a travesty.
    You should be able to find from the airport’s websites whether they do; I think that’s how I found it out.
    These people
    might help you though they seem to be slow to update and the search is a bit lame.

  2. Thanks. I can survive without net access, but I have 4 and a half hours to kill at O’hare and was hoping to waste a chunk of that time reading the chatter of the blogs.

    It looks like I’ll be stuck doing actual work and watching episodes of Arrested Development until my battery shits the bed.

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