Sneak Peek

To make up for not having something for you to look at this week, here’s a peek at the cover of the next Big Fat Whale mini-comic. You can click it to see a larger version. This cover was a bitch, which is part of the reason why there was no toon this week. From all the detail to figuring out how to get my limited Photoshop skills to jive with white ink (technically inverse red ink) and Pantones, this had bad news written on it from the beginning.

Now that it’s done, there is very little to do before it hits the presses. I’m planning on having it debut at SPX in late September, to give people a reason to visit my half of the table. The other half will be inhabited by Matt Bors of Idiot Box. If I can take care of some other business, I’ll be selling new stickers and original art there too. I don’t like conventions, so I figure I’ll try to unload as much crap as possible on the one I attend.

If there’s any interest in pre-orders, I’d like to hear about it, but no big deal if there isn’t. The main purpose of this is to have something representative of the recent Big Fat Whale cartoons to send to the editors of alt-weeklies.

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