The Adventures of Ladyman

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If misinterpreted, this cartoon could get me more angry emails than the Larry Summers’ comic did. So before anyone gets in a self-righteous huff, here’s the point I intended to make with the cartoon: Women and men have the same skill sets, but women generally get paid less for those skills. Whether or not that comes across depends on my sense of humor and limited cartooning skills. The fluffy pillows joke is just that, a joke. I’ve seen those frightening bronzed amazons on ESPN2, so I’m aware there are women out there who can crush my skull with muscles I don’t have. Please don’t.

I was going to actually write out the proper equations relating to orbiting bodies and drag coefficients, but then a thought occurred to me, “Hey, I hated calculus when I actually had to do it, so why would I do it for a stupid comic strip panel maybe one or two nerds would actually scrutinize?” So for you nerds, the calculus gibberish there isn’t a subtle hint that I actually believe women are bad at math, it’s just proof that men (at least myself) are lazy.

As I mentioned in the previous post, my use of the space shuttle was purely coincidental with the launch of Discovery. For the very selfish reason of not wanting to look like a douche, I hope they land safely.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ladyman”

  1. You are more likely to receive bemused emails from people with the Ladyman surname (including a British MP at time of writing): cartoon was amusing.

    Robert Ladyman, Scotland

  2. Hi there are there any Ladymans interested in getting in touch with each other.

    Phil Ladyman


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