I Still Love Television

It’s comedy nerd xmas, season premiere week on the fun box. Of course there’s tons of crap that makes me question how dumb our society can get, but if you look closely, you can find some good stuff mixed in, like sparkling tinsel in a puppy’s Christmas poo.

Arrested Development and The U.S. Office picked up right where they left off. If you’re not watching either, you’re killing them, and poor Uncle Oscar. I’ve only seen the pilots, but so far My Name Is Earl and Kitchen Confidential show a lot of promise. None of these shows have laugh tracks, so I only recommend them to those people who are already aware of what they find funny.

There’s other good stuff too, but these are the best ones that are in danger of getting cut because the audience they’re aimed at won’t put down the brie for thirty minutes to watch TV like the plebes.

3 thoughts on “I Still Love Television”

  1. i loved the dundey awards episode on the office the other night.. i was dying laughing.. however half of it was me thinking of the 40 year old virgin

  2. I still haven’t seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, and I was laughing out loud during most of the episode. (That’s LOLing, for any morons reading this) Hopefully Carrel will stick around even though he is a big time movie star.

    Any sitcom that takes place in the depressing air of defeat in a Chili’s instead of a Central Park coffee bar has to be on to something.

  3. yeah that was a good episode
    that’s the first one I’ve seen and I only did at the behest of my new roommates. I havn’t watched anything on tv that wasn’t cartoons or music in years.

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