Come visit me in Bethesda, MD at SPX, the country’s premiere indie comics convention. I’ll be sharing a table with Matt Bors of Idiot Box fame. In addition to our fabulous asses, hundreds of other cartoonists will be in attendance, including Keith Knight, Mikhaela Reid, James Kochalka, the Dumbrella folks, Ryan North, and many others who are probably well-known to people who aren’t me.

The new mini-comic will debut at the convention at a discounted price.

$8 for a one day membership, $15 for the whole weekend.

Friday: 2-8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM-7 PM

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In addition to being free of mainstream superhero comics, and the retailers and cosplay nerds they attract, this convention features a cash bar. And if you need more prodding to make the trip to DC, there’s an anti-war rally, fair, and concert that same weekend!