Red Sox – Yankees

Since the forum’s pretty much dead, I’m making this post for Craig to gloat in when the damage is done Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

I’ve been busy this summer and probably only watched about thirty of the regular season games, significantly lower than the one-hundred games I watched during the championship season. Hopefully that will make any tragic outcomes that much more bearable.

11 thoughts on “Red Sox – Yankees”

  1. I decided to wait until after the Central game ended. Apparently, a set of conjoined twins pitched the white sox to a win over the Injuns. We can thank Ross Gload(?) for keeping both our playoff hopes alive. Though I can’t stomp upon your trivial hopes tonight, I’m looking forward to it; whenever that is. With all the ending scenarios, I don’t know what the Yankees have to win to get into the post season. I’m hoping Scooter (the Fox Baseball) will be able to tell me tomorrow.
    Perhaps when the Yankees win the WS, they’ll be able to mock Giambi’s unholy throw home. There are a few million Little Leaguers I’d prefer playing first, or perhaps Fat Ortiz.

  2. I would’ve taken Scooter over that simulcast crap Fox pulled Saturday. I doubt the Red Sox pitching will survive a division series, but if they do, they’ll be in bad shape for the ALCS. September’s schedule was a lot rougher than I expected.

    Go Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of The United States!

  3. you guys in red sox nation should be glad you dont have a team that sucks as much as my phillies.. if only they had won one game versus the stros this season

  4. Yeah, unlike Craig, I think three post season years in a row is a gluttony of riches. My sympathies to the people of Philadelphia and their delicious cheesesteaks.

  5. See Brian, Cleveland drops out, like clockwork. The simulcast was inexcusable. I haven’t been so pissed since Doritos changed its nacho cheese coating. I’m actually considering complaining. The Phills at least gave it a shot. Cleveland has played the best baseball the last month and a half, and they lose the wild card going 1 and 5 in their last 6, losing 4 games by a single run. On Friday they left 24 runners on base! Today they left 21, pathetic bastards.

  6. yeah the phills gave it a shot.. by constantly shooting themselves in the foot every few weeks throughout the season.. thank god for jimmy rollins

  7. Sure the Phillies have it rough, but what about those poor Braves? They’ve been going to the playoffs and failing for so long, it makes the Yankees look successful.

    Instead of a stroke, I plan on choking on a pretzel the first time Joe Morgan says something stupid.

  8. Joe Morgan say something stupid??? Never!!! haha.. Im just waiting for him to talk about himself for a good hour of each broadcast!

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