Comics Rodeo

It has come to my attention that some of you aren’t dutifully visiting my links page every week and checking out the wonderful goodness that’s there. So today, I will hold your hand and take you on a field trip to some of the comics I enjoy. And if you’re good, we might even go to the petting zoo on the way back. But don’t let the goat eat your name tag, or your buddy might lose you!

This is by no means comprehensive. I’m just lazy.

Matt offers up some pitches that those Liberal Media TV executives are sure to fast track.

Tim puts on a futurist’s hat and figures out a way to get to Wawa once the oil runs out.

Mikhaela points out that dumbasses have been using the same stupid justifications for their dumbassery for decades.

Lloyd reminds us that Elvis is still the the King of Cronyism.

Emily debases a hamster.

Ryan documents the one instance where advertising doesn’t benefit mankind.

Ben shows us what the Muppet Babies would be like if they were assholes who held elected office.

August finds a more delicious alternative to freeing Mumia.

There’s even more on my links page.

In other comics news, I was going to write an SPX recap, but Xerexes and Mikhaela pretty much covered everything I would’ve written. I will use the time I would’ve spent on that to write the world’s most perfect fart joke.

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  1. Thanks! this is even better than when Daniel pre-chews all my food!
    for real, though, I enjoyed this post…

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