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Please excuse the appearance of this cartoon. I was trying out a few new things to improve the print quality of the comic and I also tried to cram in some product shilling for the three people who don’t read the comic online. The result is something even messier than usual.

Fortunately for me, Bush announced his second Supreme Court nominee this week. When I wrote this, I was just making fun of Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown, a joke that was about a month past its expiration date. If Harriet Miers truly is the best person for the job, that must mean the flunkies Bush surrounds himself with are actually a secret cabal of geniuses, who are only pretending to be fuck-ups to put us mere mortals at ease.

Of course I could’ve written this at any point in the last five years. Cronyism has been rampant in this administration from the beginning. I’m not sure why it’s suddenly as popular a topic as Avian Flu. I really didn’t intend for this comic to fit right into the Democratic talking points for the week. The idea of saying the same thing as everyone else creeps me out. So I’ll just end it here.

Next week is the long overdue return of the Book Bin. Speaking of books, why don’t you buy one before the DOW dips below 10,000 and we all have to start eating our shoes?

3 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Dooley”

  1. I was doing my usual reading through newspaper articles when I came upon a story relating the backlash from conservatives following the nomination of Harriet Miers. Apparently even The Weekly Standard has turned to criticizing Bush on this one.

    The trouble with Harriet is that she has given us a depressing glimpse into the vast open space that now appears to be the Bush political mind.

    Word is the Neocons are breaking away from the Bush administration to dissociate themselves from the political fallout for Iraq. If you visit their site I’d also like to endorse the second half of “The culture of celebrity” which I thought was fair minded which, for The Weekly Standard, is unusual.

  2. If the neocons can separate themselves from the debacle that is Iraq they should get to work separating poor Guatemalan conjoined twins. The neocons own Iraq and no backtracking will help them. They’ll be irrelevant until the next Democratic president’s sex scandal.

    Even Ann Coulter is pissed with the nomination. I obviously don’t agree with her reasons, but appointing your bestest old lady pal to a position like that is lame.

    I refuse to read the Weekly Standard. I despise Kristol and any publication that uses the phrase “leftist” seriously annoys me too much to read.

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