Darrell Hammond Needs to Stop

I rag on SNL all the time, and with good reason, but it’s currently the only occasionally decent sketch show on TV these days. (Stella’s not technically sketch, and everything else might as well be Hee-Haw) So far this season’s been hit or miss as always, but at least there’s some new blood and it seems like fewer sketches are going on for ten minutes or longer. Tina Fey’s maternity leave probably has something to with that.

What really bugs me about the show is Darrell Hammond and his three impressions. Clinton’s been out of office for five years. The writers are probably forcing Clinton into a sketch every week out of pity for poor unfunny Hammond. Phil Hartman was so great because he did impressions and his own characters. Hammond is just a lump who does the same thing over and over again. Hartman left SNL to pursue things that utilized more of his talents. Hammond is clinging onto SNL for dear life because he knows there’s nothing else he can do.

Also, Mya Rudolph can sing. Great, but that’s no reason to cram a “wacky” variety show sketch into the show all the time.

Think I’m a negative nelly who shits on other people’s parades? Then come to the Tribe Theater the 27th and shit on my parade. And then who will be the parade-shitter? Answer: You.