Poor Delusional DeLay

For some reason the Globe followed the bug man as he campaigns around his gerrymandered district:

DeLay acknowledged that he has a bigger challenge ahead of him because of his redistricting plan. But, when asked if he has any regrets about pushing it, he responded with an emphatic no and an attack on the Democrats who he said have sought to demonize him.

”Not at all — are you kidding?” DeLay told the Globe after the Richmond event. ”It’s amazing to me the strategy of Democrats. The politics of personal destruction isn’t working. In fact, it’s backlashing.”

I’m not sure why I read the article, but reading that DeLay is forced to campaign in small, “Democratic heckler” free groups in his own district made me happy.

Also, If Lampson wins, I’ll take back everything I ever said about Texas.