Boo Technology! Yay Technology!

I’m about two years late to the party, but I only just got around to converting all my music into mp3s. It was a pain in the ass, but it’s nice having my older CDs back in the rotation. Although most of my favorites still hold up, I admit that there are some stinkers in there. I can’t for the life of me explain why I held onto that Candlebox CD for the past 12 years. It survived at least five moves and a fire! Anyone who’s overly nostalgic about all the great music in the early nineties needs to be locked in a room with that piece of crap for a night. I still couldn’t throw it away though. I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing I bought before I became an elitist snob.

Anyway, now that I have an obscene amount of music to slog through, I finally caved and now let the whims of some algorithim in my computer tell me what I want to listen to. It’s much more efficient than my previous method of checking, rechecking, staring blankly with my mouth agape, drooling on an ironic t-shirt, and then just playing the same ten albums at the top of the pile over and over again.

And thanks to the marvels of our glorious society, you can eavesdrop on this entire process. I’ve only just started using Audioscrobbler, but so far it seems to be an excellent way for me to find new music without talking to people. I recommend it to anyone who likes music but isn’t a big fan of going outside and/or wearing pants.

For the Amish and Shakers among you who are only just beginning to put reflectors on your mp3 players, I highly recommend this blog. It is the rocketship that will launch you to the top of Obscure Mountain, which towers over all those losers in Top 40 Valley.

3 thoughts on “Boo Technology! Yay Technology!”

  1. Recently attended a party where the majority of the music played was of that same era. Lots of “Oh, wow, I haven’t heard this in forever”s, and lots of “Eeesh, this isn’t even charmingly bad yet – it’s still just ordinary bad.”s. Your Candlebox CD should meet my Cranberries CD – I’m sure they’d get along swimmingly.

  2. Mickey, I really appreciate the effort. I think it’s a pain in the ass to upload just one image a week, so I can only imagine the tedium in sorting through all those mp3s.

    I forgot how annoying the Cranberries were until reading their name instantly got “Zombie” stuck in my head. And I haven’t heard it in almost a decade. Thanks.

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