Föto Ops

Foto Ops
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This probably has too much exposition just to explain the simple joke of an artist who takes photo ops seriously. Although I think most conceptual art is bunk, it does involve more effort than a photo op.

Just like any other form of advertising, photo ops aren’t aimed at people who can think for themselves. They’re squarely targeting the morons who don’t read anything and only get their news from the few pictures they see in the paper on their way to the comics page.

I was going to compile a list of the lamest photo ops this Administration has pulled, but I am lazy. Plus I’m pretty sure almost everyone can remember the really shitty ones. In fact, ten years from now, those photo ops will probably be the only things most people can remember about this Administration. All they do is photo ops. I’m pretty sure they haven’t done anything spontaneous or sincere in front of a camera since their baby pictures were taken.

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