A Rambling Holiday Message

As promised, here’s a hastily produced holiday message, featuring a rather sloppy looking hobo I paid to pretend to be me. More coherent and polished videos will go up in the near future. I promise.

low low
high high

If my ban on personal checks is the only thing preventing you from buying things, leave a comment and I’ll probably change my mind. I’m fickle!

6 thoughts on “A Rambling Holiday Message”

  1. Yeah, I went on a sloppy binge in November. I must’ve angered the hygeine gods because now I have to wear a suit once a week until xmas.

  2. The logic is indeed flawless.

    And I concurr with the shrimp boat captain remark. They could make a show about you on discovery channel, except it would be able the comic making season, instead of the crab season in the Bering Sea up in Russo-Alaska-Land.

  3. I love America’s Deadliest Season. It was the greatest reality show ever. Plus it gave me tons of valuable fashion tips.

    Facial hair enthusiasts will be dissappointed to know that my face is back to its normal shorn and flabby self. But my head hair is no at its sloppiest since high school.

  4. Flawless logic. Maybe I should add a video to my website begging people to buy stuff while dressed in a similarly slobby outfit. I managed to sell two originals and about 11 little books through repeated whining.

  5. That’s about what I managed with this video. I was going to do an elaborate “Feed the Cartoonist” faux infomercial, but I don’t have access to a southeast Asian slum.

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