The Nearly Nominated Screenplays of Cyril DuFarge

nearly nominated screenplays
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Greetings Funky Bunch. Sorry this cartoon stinks; especially since a lot of people just came across this comic strip on account of last week’s comic. I promise I’m not always this lame. I just had a bunch of other crap that needed to get done before the holidays and doing this freed enough time for me to build a gingerbread outhouse. It was for dying children. So if you complain, you sir, are an asshole.

Babies on a Plane is a reference to Snakes on a Plane, which will become the 21st Century’s Citizen Kane. It’s not a coincidence that they all rhyme.

Next week I take an in-depth look at this year’s most overlooked toy sensations. It will not be an exercise in half-assery like this week’s garbage.

3 thoughts on “The Nearly Nominated Screenplays of Cyril DuFarge”

  1. Oh no you di-int! I had to memorize my lines, make visuals/soundtrack/sound FX and do some prop wrangling for next week’s show, pack and mail a bunch of crap for all the last minute shoppers (I kid! Thanks for your money you lazy asses!), and do my own shopping. Also I went out in public once and it took me a while to recover emotionally.

    Sure it’s not like I had to milk cows, or work in a coal mine, but all that crap affects my ability to carefully craft a proper fart joke.

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