Oh Yeah, Politics

Sorry for slacking off on the political content here, but every topical thought I’ve had lately has made its way into a cartoon, leaving very little to opine on here. I can only hope that the Republican implosion continues through aught six, the Democrats develop and maintain message discipline for the midterms, and that America finally begins to emerge from this giant cry-baby/ wounded animal mentality that has crippled political discourse for four years.

Speaking of ’06, I’d like to throw my completely non-existent clout towards the candidacy of Deval Patrick. I think it’s a crime that his campaign has yet to raise more money than my student loan debt.

I have no idea why Tom Reilly is the front runner for the governorship of Massachusetts. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for all but five years of my life and the only thing I know about him is that he approved of gay marriage only after it was obvious that the Massachusetts public overwhelmingly didn’t give a shit what gay strangers did with their lives.

That’s all for now. I have to bang my head against a wall to drown out the sound of assholes defending a police state.