Ha Ha Ha

Johnny Damon’s a Yankee. That almost makes up for the fact that the 2006 Red Sox season is shaping up to be the shittiest shit stain in Boston baseball since No No Nanette. Who will those homophobes in the bleachers mock now that the pretty one is one of them?

Schadenfreude aside, I have no hope or expectations for the 2006 Red Sox. 2005 was a showcase for mismanagement, and things are only getting worse. The Red Sox will be an expensive wet fart that amounts to nothing come the post season. But at least Red Sox nation won’t be embracing the overpaid douchebag they’ve been claiming to hate* once spring training starts.

Screw the MLB. I’d rather get tanked watching the poor dumb bastards of the CanAm league than contribute another nickel to some stripper-marrying illiterate who thinks he’s important.

*Doesn’t count if Rojah comes back.

3 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha”


    “Damon, you take it up the a$$. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

    Good God! See Brian it’s all that atheist talk screwing you over. If the sox trade Manny I’ll be in heaven. I also hear they’re thinking of trading Arroyo for some crappy CF? You can’t really dismantle a good team faster. When’s Fat Ortiz on the block? What fun, Yankees-Totonto; 1-2

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