Second to Last Post of the Year

There will be no lists, recaps, or ruminations on the year that was. It was better than most, but still thoroughly disappointing. I realize this bleakness is a New Year’s cliche, but it was either that, or some more crap from YouTube.

I hope 2007 sees the end of long-winded, self-important pontificating from everyone on the planet. Time’s “You of the Year” just might signal the end of our collective internet circle jerk. We can only hope.

Also, I called an audible and changed this week’s cartoon after telling you about it in last week’s commentary. I’m fickle.

The ’07 Red Sox

Hey Craig,
Should I be excited about this insanely hyped Japenese fellow, Matsuzaka, or should I save my money and go to one bajillion Brockton Rox games instead? This question’s open to anyone else who has opinion.

For the curious, right now I have a wait and see attitude, but am no longer willing to believe budgeting has any effect on Prince Theo’s reasoning. Johnny was small potatoes compared to this nutty deal that makes poor starving cartoonists cringe. And yes, this means no more complaints about Yankee spending, unless they pay for a time machine to bring back the players from when they were good. Zing!

I hope to be working on a home opener full pager. More details when normal people start talking about baseball.

Site Problems

Something weird is happening to the database this blog uses. I think it has to do with comment spammers hammering the site nonstop.

I’ve disabled comments for now. Until I figure it out, don’t go nuts on the refresh button if the blog disappears. Just relax, and make a nice bowl of soup.

UPDATE: Comments are back. For now.

My Opinion-Ovaries Are Barren

So here are some videos. Once again, any band that has the suffix “ettes” in their name is quaranteed to win me over. Despite the memories of chem lab their name conjours, I really like The Pipettes, in all of their artificial glory.

I’m also patiently waiting for Eagles of Death Metal to put out another album. I’m indifferent to Queens of the Stone Age, but I like these guys.