Aught Six Already

Sorry for neglecting this blog. I know no one’s holiday season is complete without the ill-informed ramblings of a surly dimunitive cartoonist. But now that the “feign interest in the company of others” season is over, I can hide indoors for the next three months avoiding the snow and ice. Posting should be more frequent until the next shiny project comes along and distracts me.

There will be a rather long post about the wiretapping scandal with this week’s cartoon. Until then, here are some quips, bon mots, and stale pointless commentary about some crap that happened:

Xmas Exchanges: I’m shrinking! Not really, but thanks to the embiggening of America, it was nearly impossible to find clothes that fit when I returned some stuff that I wouldn’t even wear ironically. I know I’m tiny. I’m a men’s small for most things, but I can wear a medium some of the time. Stores have removed these completely normal sizes in favor of more XXL, XXXL, and other fashions for men who love cake. I shouldn’t have to go to a special store because everyone else can’t stop eating.

This Site: I’ll be adding buttons in the store for originals and for people to order signed prints of cartoons they like. I still believe my signature makes things look gross, but I’d sign each cartoon with a lipstick kiss if people will pay me for it.

Does anyone who deals with such things know if I should bother upgrading to WordPress 2.0? I’m the only user of this blog, I have comment spam under control, and I know enough HTML to make a WYSIWYG editor nothing but a pain in the ass. That’s about all I know as far as features go.

Movies: I haven’t seen much, but I didn’t understand all the King Kong hype. Are there actual intelligent people who will see a movie just for special FX? I’ll wait for The Pick of Destiny to see Jack Black play to his strengths. The only recent movie I’ve seen is Munich. It’s as good as everyone says. I’m not always a contrarian. Plus it features Gaius Julius Caesar himself, who’s on the verge of moving up from “hey it’s that guy” status.

Music: Free Nellie. It’s a shame Sony won’t let me listen to Nellie’s new CD. Although this bit from the article is kind of weird:

She was hailed at the time as the youngest artist to debut with a double album. During publicity interviews for that album, she claimed to be 19, but later reports said she was several years older.

Why lie about something so trivial? Does a great album by a 19-year-old sell better than one by a twenty-something geezer like myself? I thought women only lied about their age in sitcoms and Cathy strips.

That’s all for now. I’ve got the exciting business of backing up, defragmenting, and reformating all of my nerdly toys ahead of me before I go and wet the bed.