The Forgotten Founding Father

The Forgotten Founding Father
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Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens is illegal. FISA exists to provide secret warrants. A president who claims he’s above the law and doesn’t need to file for these easy to get warrants is an asshole and a criminal. Those are facts.

I’d rather die in fiery dirty bomb explosion than live in a police state. The United States has an arsenal of perfectly legal tools to make the chances of the former happening very slim. Sadly, it’s people’s fear of scary brown men that has caused so many to become simpering tools, willing to give the government enough power to pry into their lives more than advertising companies do. And if the president wants another tool to fight terrorism, he can ask congress to give it to him. They probably would’ve given him anything he asked for since they’re a bunch of obsequious turds.

Every reactionary jackass who claims any restriction on government power aides terrorists is a pussy. They are terrified. Their willingness to give extraordinary authority to the president proves that the terrorists succeeded in fucking with their heads. Any rational person would say, “Hey, if you have probable cause to think the individuals you’re spying on are in cahoots with Al Qaeda, why not tell the fucking secret court and get a fucking warrant! I mean come on!”

Warrantless wiretapping apologists frequently cite the attempt to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with blowtorches as proof this unconstitutional abomination works. Bullshit. They obviously had reason to spy on those guys. Why didn’t they take that info to the FISA court and get a secret warrant? It’s because this administration truly believes the war on terror exempts it from the law. Torture, detaining enemy combantants, and recess appointments all point to an administration that treats the law as a burden to be circumvented, not something to work within. People like that have no place in government. They should be running global corporations.

Many dumbasses have frequently responded to criticism of this program with, “If you don’t have anything to hide, why do you care?” Fuck those assholes. Anyone who trusts the government to not abuse the power it’s given is either four-years-old or a moron. Abuses of power always happen. That’s why this country has checks and balances. If you had the power to spy on anyone you wanted, without anyone ever knowing about it, wouldn’t you use it more than you should? I know I would. And I certainly know the vindictive douchebags in the White House would gladly do the same.

I could go on and on. Crap like this makes me angrier than the war on science or that fundamentalist bullshit. If it doesn’t produce a similar reaction throughout the rest of the public, then we are at the mercy of whatever the Bush administration wants to do in the name of the war on terror. I hope the cartoon was funnier than this rambling, stream-of-conciousness treatise.

Here are some other cartoonists’ takes on the issue: Tim Kreider wrote a good bit about the NSA in his commentary for this week’s comic. Ruben Bolling exposed the “ticking time bomb” scenario for the flawed thought experiment that it is. Matt Bors laments the Democrats’ tepid response to every horrible thing that’s been done by the administration. There are others, but I would like to play a video game now and don’t want to hunt for the links. Sorry everybody!

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  1. Good one. Love the ticking powder keg scenario. I working on a ticking-weather-witch-in-Salem scenario.

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